authenticity trail

~ A raw attempt at the journey into the Art of Being Human ~

~ Feeling Life fully, healing the Human Heart, and opening to one's True Self  ~

~ Heartical reflections, Love letters, Nature connection and Stellar navigations ~


~ These musings and reflections may be particularly meaningful if you are a sensitive human.  

You have been called too sensitive more times than you can remember,

and long to Live knowing and trusting

your Intuition

and your Voice 

as a Gift

and no longer a burden.

For this is the journey I walk my way through ~ 
with being and playing and working in the garden,

with reading,

with breathing,

with praying,

with painting,

with writing.

  Maybe you are emerging out of abusive relationship or you are just realizing you might be in one;


Perhaps you grew up with addiction behaviors modeled to you as a child; and you find yourself repeating those behaviors.  

Perhaps you are just realizing you have forgotten what you truly love

and want to hear and act upon your heart's calling again.

Let's walk together on this trail to the Heart. 

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