Authenticity Trail

I laugh because I can barely ever spell authenticity without having a misplaced letter for at least the first three attempts. And yet, the guidance is clear, and is unrelenting. This is what the angels in my Heart want me to do, and with these words. This is what is being guided through my whole being... Keeps me up at night, ideas swirling and dancing and exploding and imploding and bursting into new realities being created, in the day, you can hardly talk to me without my having to take a note, jot down a connection, draw a simple sketch to remind myself of a mama heart thought.

The Angels are guiding me strong. I may not know why or how, but this trail here is the one I am being invited to blaze.

Walk along with me....I'm not exactly sure what it is going to look like. I do know I will be following my Heart all the way, step by step, navigating by the Stars and sharing along the way, every step of the way.

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