Truth: You left this child without a goodbye or a word, as though you had never been there. After three years of bonding with him, tenderest ages 3 to 6, in our home and in yours. Within his family, and with your dearly loved son; they became brothers.

Truth: Deep shock whirled into deep grief and back for a long time. As for him: a lot of confusion, disorientation and distress.

We start to see.

Truth: Throughout this year (what, maybe 1 year later: have lost track of time), you have seen him, on several occasions, at his own school, and treated him as though you never even knew him. New wounds. Nightmares. His grief.


Truth: No more secrets. No more hushing. No more 'sweep it under the carpet'. There is no judgement here. It's just what happened. It's taken time to be able to tell it without pain or victim-stance.

There is no victim here.

Truth: All it takes is Connection.

Truth: Only Love in the New.


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