Me too

And now we Rise.

Me too Me too Me too Me too

Resonating echoing the lonely lonely pain Twisted memories over and over again Turned into blame Turned into shame Tossing turning It must be me It hasn’t happened once, not twice, not three times Something must be wrong with me

Sister, oh sister, let me tell you

something New

You Are the treasure of Creation You Are the Beginning. Your walk, your hair, your breath, your word, your every thought uttered in your deepest of Being in the heart that beats and the Womb that breathes. It is real. Not me,

oh yes, You.

I never used to believe it either. And you know, it just took that one. The one that took me all the way rock bottom pit of darkness darkness so dark there was no light I could perceive at the end of that long long tunnel I had always known a tunnel each man who helped his hand took me one notch further down

the bottomless pit an echo chamber of repetition of the desecration of My Sacred Essence Stolen taken eaten beaten again and again and again all my Light shattered in a million pieces and it takes every ounce of everything I’ve got to bring it back together as One until



know what is Real in me

It is not your fault , sister, oh sister ~ your sisters your friends your mothers your aunts your grandmothers your cousins your uncles your teachers your brothers your work your school your home your garden your street your park, your dance. the silence so intense The training mostly an understanding “This is the way it is. We have all known it, it is just what we do”

Not True!

Me too Me too Me too

Blood in my veins freeze I cannot even scream I cannot even turn, only against myself

The lonely lonely pain.

Succumbing to the self-infliction the self-depravation self-neglect self-sacrifice just one more If I can just make it one more day

Me too Me too Me too

And the Voice rises And one says me And one says me And one says me

And we say me too And we say no more Millions of Voices Sisters together

We are the Creation We are the Matter We are the existential substance of all that is and no longer do we stay Silent. and together we Are.

Rise Up sisters Rise You are not alone We will all come Home To the Heart of our Love No longer tainted but sustained Holding each other in the Heart of Truth Matriarchal lines holding us Up They have not forgotten For without the Mothers there are no sons Without the Mothers there is no Sun.

Speak up Sisters Speak, May the Brightness of the Sun shine once more You are the Core. I will love you until you can. And now we Rise.

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