Anew we begin again

Ah so once more, the new year’s eve has come around on the gregorian calendar. To be specified, since indeed the new year has been growing within us for the last ten. This day marks the end of a ten year cycle that has prepared us for the next ten year cycle up ahead. Also, the rains of monday, here in california certainly marked the end of a seriously dry spell. Not to mention the AWEsome alignment of moon, saturn and venus forming a night star at solstice, the likes of which have not been seen in hundreds of years.

What things have you learned this year on those parts of life you wish to carry forth and those you wish to shift?

There has been major growth in this house. While also feeling like a newborn, I know this is a rebirth of that which I came to be on this earth to begin with. Writing is actually a non-negotiable for me, I have relearned the hard way (read « neglect » haha!!).

There has been yoga teacher training, as well as certification in a leadership to facilitate healing space, as well as radical work towards healing the trauma of racism in america. There have been profound deep dives into codependency, and then the lessons of pushing others away when they want to love me and being humbled that they are still here and still love. There are the mirrors that present themselves. Every day. Every angry person witnessed, every painful plea heard, every victimstance monologue, every annoyance, every smile also, every laugh and notably, every spark.

Reality is, we are in the midst of the transference, a literal catalytic cycle of over 12000 years, known as the great year by the astrologers and astronomers of the most ancient of times. Indigenous peoples still hold the stories and know which juncture we are at.

Tomorrow, I will plant seeds in the Sacred Earth. I will eat fish and beans and greens. I will be in the elements and give thanks and praises to the Most High and do my best to just be.

Today, it is all things coming out. Dirt is being washed clean, guitars are getting hung, altars are being cleaned and crystals placed on the windowsill for some full moon magic infusion. These are the special conscious moments I spend to move forward towards the better future I seem to have spent some years longing for. It is here. It is now. It's right in front of me. You can barely fathom how small the steps may be - as small as throwing away that last little bit of shampoo so you don't have that bottle to look at one more minute. Decluttering, however cliché, is truly a key. For indeed each bit is a project unfinished, a thought put on a shelf, and in the end, it just weighs. So today, we lighten the load, we bring out the old in readiness for the now.

Amen. Aho. May it be so. May grace and humility allow you the journey to radical self-love today and in every moment forth. We continue to choose to love. It is a choice. We make it in every moment. Be blessed. Be whole. Be within as you gaze at the future within this moment.

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