Getting UP

It’s been a few months that’s it’s been hard for me to get up out of bed in the mornings. The apartment block I am in takes its toll as the garden nature lover I am is stuffed in this here box. I knew coming in to this moving arrangement that this would be hard and that I would have to have the mindset of a contemplative nun in here. And I made that promise as an agreement, I suppose.

It joins a lifelong calling to be of service to that voice. And yeah, been having a challenge getting up. So I shall embrace my grandfathers philosophy of addressing my « Island of Order » and do my best to get up and do one thing at a time.

This Life is a true gift and I cognitively know this. When I am not in alignment with that; it is me who feels the brunt of that pain. It’s the pain and stickiness of resistance and now I choose to rise up. What is one tiny little thing I can do today that will just tweak the vibe and the flow a tiny bit? One little thing that will give me a little spark to share with the rest of what needs to be addressed.

Let's see where this day, and indeed this year, takes us.

Back soon.

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