Offline and in tune

It’s been a gift for the last week or so to be able to step away from the computer and just act upon the world. The pause between Christmas and new year this year for some reason I was able to honor the pause that it invites. I cleaned thoroughly, including behind the knobs on the cooker kinduva clean, and I feel more accomplished than I have in a while.

Witnessing also some friends in stuck places, stuck places I know oh too well and today at least for a moment it was my turn to remind them: one tiny little step at a time. “What do do each day to cultivate and nurture your joy?”, I offer. “What is nurture?”, I was asked.

”Nurture” is in those things you do that fill you up . That when you do then you feel boosted and ready to offer yourself in service once more. For some people that may be getting together with others. That is not mine. I usually have to go fill up in solitude and quietude after gatherings. It could be walking around the block, or tidying that drawer that's been accumulating bits and bobs over the years.

This year for sure has been quite the invitation indeed to look within and know those things which sustain. Love on those little bits of joy-giving.

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